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Cover NB NatOur special edition of the NB Naturalist - Our Forests – Nos Forêts, is available now. It is entirely dedicated to our public forests—their role, the questions that have not been answered, and the potential problems this new plan poses for biodiversity, ecosystems, and the future of our forests. Contact Vanessa (executive.director(at)naturenb.ca) to get copies, or download a PDF of the NB Naturalist here.

The N.B. Naturalist has been the voice of Nature NB since 1973. For three years prior to that it was a publication (1971 to 1973) of The New Brunswick Museum. Since 1995, responsibility for the magazine production has been shared by a team of volunteer naturalists. Although the magazine has evolved and undergone format changes, it remains a quarterly magazine about the province’s natural history, written largely by and for New Brunswickers.

All aspects of New Brunswick’s natural history can find a home in the NB Naturalist. A regular column lists bird sightings, while annual reports discuss observations of wild flowers, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Submissions on other aspects of nature such as astronomy, ecology and geology are also welcomed. Members are encouraged to submit articles on personal encounters with wildlife or natural areas within New Brunswick.

Birding with Jim WilsonLatest Edition: Vol 41 no 2,3,4

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