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The NB Naturalist has been the voice of Nature NB since 1973. For three years prior to that (1970 to 1973) it was a publication of The New Brunswick Museum. Since 1995, responsibility for the magazine’s production has been shared by volunteer naturalists and Nature NB staff. Although the magazine has evolved and undergone format changes, it remains a magazine about the province’s natural history, written largely by and for New Brunswickers.

All aspects of New Brunswick’s natural history can find a home in the NB Naturalist!

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Call for Submissions

Our submissions are always open for articles and reports pertaining to the natural history of New Brunswick. Submissions on other aspects of nature such as astronomy, ecology and geology are also welcomed. Members are encouraged to submit articles on personal encounters with wildlife or natural areas within New Brunswick. Articles are invited in either English or French, and will be translated in order to be published bilingually.

Please submit only a title and brief pitch for your submission. NB Naturalist staff will contact you for further information.


    We are looking for volunteers to support the editorial team for NB Naturalist. Tasks may include fact-checking, proof-reading, copy editing, translation, and others as required. This is a remote volunteer opportunity that can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Experience in writing and/or editorial work desired. Familiarity with scientific journals and publications is an asset but not necessary

    Those interested can apply here!


    Are you a nature-related business that would be interested in advertising in NB Naturalist? Nature NB offers affordable rates and access to a large provincial membership.

    Download our advertising guidelines (PDF).

    Editorial Team

    Editor-in-Chief: Paul Masz
    Managing Editor: Jenna Knorr
    Nature NB Staff: Vanessa Roy-McDougall, Claire Vézina
    Layout: Tracey Lavigne
    Translation: Pierre Janin, Roger Leblanc, Claire Vézina

    Copyright Statement

    The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Authors and photographers retain the sole copyright of their work. Any reprinting of material without the creator’s permission, whether in print, electronic, web-based, or other format is strictly forbidden.

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