Help Monarch Butterflies in your community

Monarch butterflies are amazing insects

Flying from southern Canada to Mexico each fall, monarchs are the only insect in the world known to migrate so far on an annual basis.

Monarchs are an important part of our ecosystems. They pollinate plants and are a food source for birds, insects, and other invertebrates.

Nature NB is supporting communities to help monarch butterflies

Monarchs are considered a species at risk due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. Nature NB is committed to educating and supporting New Brunswickers to conserve and protect monarchs across the province.

Monarch populations are in decline.

In helping them by using native plants in our landscaping practices, there is a way to make a difference and give them a warm welcome as they arrive during their migration, from Mexico to Canada.

Planting native wildflowers such as the milkweed, their only host plants, is the best way to help them. However, these pink native flowers do not last into late summer. That means they also need nectar sources to feed them as they leave for the south, which can be provided by other native plants that bloom later in the year.

This also helps many other pollinators and birds, which depend on native plants for their highly-nutritive flowers, fruit and seeds. Their stems make great cover for nesting bees, and their structure provides cover in the colder or rainier parts of the year.

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