We understand that we are not separate from nature, but a part of it. This means we have a responsibility to act in nature’s best interest in all of our work.

We use our expertise and influence to protect our natural world by protecting specific species and habitats, promoting and participating in advocacy campaigns, and consulting with government and partner organizations to achieve common goals related to the conservation of our environment.

Piping Plover

Species At Risk

Conserving and protecting nature for the enjoyment, appreciation, and benefit of future generations contributes to the survival of all living species in New Brunswick.
As our environment transforms due to the effects of climate change, we’re ready to adapt our efforts to ensure we’re doing all we can to protect the species and habitats that make our province so unique.


Nature NB values the important role many agricultural producers play in providing local food, supporting local economies, and serving as stewards for wildlife. Farms of all shapes and sizes provide habitat for species of conservation concern, such as the iconic Bobolink, the elusive Wood Turtle, and the acrobatic Barn Swallow.

Healthy Coasts NB

Healthy Coasts NB is a multi-year, multi-partner project with the collective vision of “a path to healthy coasts and thriving communities in harmony with nature.” Using a two-eyed seeing approach, the project will work with communities to identify and support activities along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick that will benefit species and coastal habitats of conservation concern and cultural importance. 

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas

IBAs are scientifically designated sites that support large congregations of bird species and/or rare and endangered species. While IBAs provide critical habitat for birds, they are not protected.

Protected Natural Areas

Few places better represent New Brunswick’s natural heritage than our Protected Natural Areas (PNAs). PNAs are areas that help preserve New Brunswick’s unique habitats and ecosystems. PNAs were designated for all New Brunswickers and provide a variety of benefits to humans and wildlife.

Climate Change Adaptation

We recognize that our climate is changing. Climate change can be linked to a variety of impacts including more intense storm events, coastal and inland flooding, higher rates of erosion, and warmer temperatures. These impacts pose significant challenges to New Brunswickers and our communities.

Interested in participating in community science?

Learn more about what you can do at home and as a volunteer to conserve species and the environment in New Brunswick.

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