Clay-coloured Sparrow by Jim Wilson

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This page is a “one stop shop” to help you find contact information for government, NGO, and other agencies that provide environmental enforcement, wildlife rehabilitation and protection, and related services.

I found an injured, orphaned, or sick animal*

Contact the Atlantic Wildlife Institute

*For deer, moose, bear, racoon
Contact your local DNRED office

I found a dead bird

Contact the Department of Natural Resources & Energy Development
Find your region
Advisory Notice Regarding Avian Influenza

I want to report/ I have questions about an invasive species

Contact the New Brunswick Invasive Species Council
Questions about invasive species: info@nbinvasives.ca
Report an invasive species: report@nbinvasives.ca
Please include the following information in your report:
Your name, location and date of the sighting, details and identifying features, and photos or videos.
Species Identification & Reporting

I want to report a rare species sighting

Submit your sighting to the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
Submit an observation

I want to share a nature observation

Share your observation on the NatureNB Listserv
Add your observation to iNaturalist

Connect with our clubs to share your observations with the naturalist community:

I am interested in donating/selling land for conservation

You can donate or sell land to a land trust organization! We suggest:
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Nature Trust of New Brunswick
Keki’namuanen Msit Wen Wlo’tmnen Nmaqami’kminu Inc

I want to report a suspected blue-green algae bloom

Contact the Department of Environment & Local Government
Region 1 – Bathurst: (506) 547-2092 elg.egl-region1@gnb.ca
Region 2 – Miramichi: (506) 778-6032 elg.egl-region2@gnb.ca
Region 3 – Moncton: (506) 856-2374 elg.egl-region3@gnb.ca
Region 4 – Saint John: (506) 658-2558 elg.egl-region4@gnb.ca
Region 5 – Fredericton: (506) 444-5149 elg.egl-region5@gnb.ca
Region 6 – Grand Falls: (506) 473-7744 elg.egl-region6@gnb.ca

Reporting a suspected cyanobacteria bloom
Environment & Local Government — Algae

I want to report an oil, chemical, sewage, or gas spill

Contact the Department of Environment & Local Government (Monday thru Friday, 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM)
Region 1 – Bathurst: (506)547-2092
Region 2 – Miramichi: (506) 778-6032
Region 3 – Moncton: (506) 856-2374
Region 4 – Saint John: (506) 658-2558
Region 5 – Fredericton: (506) 444-5149
Region 6 – Grand Falls: (506) 473-7744

Outside of the above hours, call the Canadian Coast Guard Emergency Line: 1-800-565-1633
Spill Reporting

I am concerned about ATV use on sensitive habitat (i.e. streams, wetlands, beaches)

Contact the Department of Justice & Public Safety — Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement

I am concerned about development

Contact the branch of Surface Water and Management
(506) 457-4850
Mon. to Fri.: 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Email : elg/egl-info@gnb.ca

I am concerned about trees being cut down

The trees are being cut on:
Crown Land
Contact the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development
(506) 453-3826 dnr_mrnweb@gnb.ca
Municipal Land
Contact your municipality
Private Land

I am concerned about wetland infill

Wetland Infill
Contact the Department of Environment & Local Government
(506)457-4850 elg/egl-info@gnb.ca
Resources: When is a Permit Required?; Wetland Guidelines ; Watercourse and Wetland Alteration Permits – What you need to know

I am concerned about illegal dumping

Contact your Regional Service Commission
Region 1 – (506)735-2126; info@csrno.ca; www.csrno.ca
Region 2 – (506)789-2595; info@commissionrestigouche.ca; www.commissionrestigouche.ca
Region 3 – (506)542-2696; info@csrChaleurRsc.ca; www.csrchaleurrsc.ca
Region 4 – (506)727-7979; info@csrpa.ca; www.csrpa.ca
Region 5 – (506)778-5359; info@rsc5.ca; www.greatermiramichirsc.ca
Region 6 – (506)734-1490; info@csrk.ca; www.csrk.ca
Region 7 – (506)382-5386; gerard.belliveau@nbse.ca; www.nbse.ca
Region 8 – (506) 432-7530; info@rsc8.ca; www.rsc8.ca
Region 9 – (506)738-2014; info@frsc.ca; www.frsc.ca
Region 10 – (506)466-7830; info@snbsc.ca; www.snbsc.ca
Region 11 – (506)453-2956; info@rsc11.ca; www.rsc11.ca
Region 12 – (506)276-3610; info@rsc12.ca; www.rsc12.ca

I am concerned about speed-boating in a no wake zone

Contact your local law enforcement’s non-emergency line (RCMP or local police)

I need help removing an animal from my property (e.g. racoons, wasps, skunks)

This should be reported to a licensed pest control company. (e.g. orkincanada.ca)

Where can I go birding in New Brunswick?

Nature NB has developed a series of Birding Trail Guides to help you find great locations to bird in the province.
We encourage you to take a look!

I’m looking for nature identification guides

Good news! We have identification guides on birds, frogs, butterflies, and trees. You can find those resources here.

*We are not responsible for how these parties handle your question/complaint
**Links last checked 21-06-2023

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