Conserving biodiversity for future generation is that core of Nature NB’s mandate to celebrate, conserve and protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage. Learn more about this program, here!

Citizen Science Programs

Citizen science programs actively involve citizens in scientific projects that generate a new knowledge or understanding of the topic and have a genuine scientific outcome.

Classroom and Group Programs

Nature NB offers a variety of fun and interactive bilingual programs that are current and curriculum-connected

NatureKids NB

NatureKids NB is a club for youth ages 6 to 12 who wants to discover all of the amazing plants and animals that New Brunswick has to offer. If you love going outdoors to play and explore nature, NatureKids NB is for you!

Species at Risk Program

Nature NB’s Species at Risk Program focuses on the recovery of species at risk and their habitats and on education about species and their habitats.