Welcome to Nature NB’s NatureKids program! This program involves various daycares, after school programs and clubs across the province who are participating in monthly, age appropriate (ages 5-10), and seasonally relevant activity suggestions prepared by Nature NB. Activity suggestions are sent out at the beginning of each month along with any special materials needed. However, if a group wants to lead an activity that varies from the one sent by Nature NB, that’s ok too! The intention is really for each group to lead a nature related activity once a month that helps kids explore the natural world, instill a sense of wonder and encourage an active role in nature conservation!

There is also an ongoing leaderboard, tracking each group’s participation in the monthly events. At the end of the year, each group will receive a certificate of participation and be entered in a draw for a grand prize. Check out the leaderboard below to see how each participating group is doing!

Interested in joining? Email programs@naturenb.ca for more information on how to register!


What is NatureKids NB?

NatureKids NB is a program that encourages kids and their families to get outside and learn all about nature in New Brunswick. There are many participating groups across the province, including afterschool programs, daycare centers, and community groups who run a monthly nature related activity suggested by Nature NB. Check out the NatureKids blog to see what each group has been up to!

How can my family participate?

NatureKids NB programs are run by pre-existing groups across the province, which you can see on the leaderboard above! Sign up for the NatureKids newsletter to receive modified versions of the monthly activity suggestions that are sent to existing NatureKids groups.

Is there an age limit?

The suggested NatureKids activities are designed for children ages 5-12, however the activities are meant to be fun, engaging, and nature inspired, which anyone of any age could appreciate!

Stay Connected

Find activity suggestions on our Facebook page, see what NatureKids groups across the province have been up to on the NatureKids blog, and stay up-to-date with news and announcements with our newsletter!

Thank you to our supporters!

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