healthy coasts

A Nature NB Success Story: Collecting over 1500 lbs of Ghost Gear on the Acadian Peninsula

When we think of beaches, images of paradise and relaxation often come to mind. However, beneath the surface lies a growing threat that endangers wildlife and habitats – abandoned fishing gear. Discarded nets, lines, and traps, collectively known as ghost gear, pose a severe environmental risk, wreaking havoc on coastal and marine ecosystems worldwide. Our Program Manager Lauren Stead shares Nature NB’s efforts to mitigate this issue.

Coastal Synergy: Blending Living Shorelines with Bank Swallow Habitat

In the fall of 2023, Nature NB embarked on the journey of installing a living shoreline in the Chaleur Region to combat coastal erosion, in collaboration with Birds Canada, Helping Nature Heal, Chaleur Bay Watershed, and Regen Media. However, there was a catch: Bank Swallows in the area relied on the eroding cliff face for nesting. Our Program Manager, Lauren Stead, takes us through a day of hard work on a pilot project that integrates Bank Swallow habitat preservation with living shoreline restoration techniques.

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