Let’s celebrate the native plants that make New Brunswick unique!

We are thrilled to bring you the Seed Sitters Club, a new Nature NB initiative, launched with the goal of cultivating vibrant ecosystems.

You are now able to join a network of gardeners not only across New Brunswick, but also Canada, in partnership with The David Suzuki Foundation’s Seed Sitters initiative.

The Seed Sitters Club is :

  • A decentralized network of people exchanging seeds with Nature NB
  • A sharing of online and print resources for viable seed germination and growing of native plants
  • A network across Canada through the David Suzuki Foundation’s existing projects (Seed Sitters, ButterflyWay Project, and LawnShare)
  • A way for all of us to make a difference for Monarch nectaring habitat, birds, and pollinating insects

Join the club with the form below!

Current species list

English nameFrench nameScientific name
Blue Flag IrisIris versicoloreIris versicolor
Blue VervainVerveine bleueVerbena hastata
Joe-Pye WeedEupatoire maculéeEutrochium maculatum
Common BonesetEupatoire perfoliéeEupatorium perfoliatum
Seaside GoldenrodVerge d’or toujours verteSolidago sempervirens
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