Acting to Help Pollinators : Swamp Milkweed Grow-Along, Chapter 2

January 26th, 2024|Columns|

As we learned last month with the first chapter of our adventure, January-February is the ideal time to start the process of stratifying (winterizing) native plant seeds, including milkweed. In this second chapter, we talk about practical actions to get involved in the movement to help the pollinators.

Birding from Dawn ‘til Dusk: A Beginner’s Look Inside the Christmas Bird Count

January 17th, 2024|NB Fieldnotes|

Maybe you haven’t heard, but as each year comes to a close, numerous bird enthusiasts throughout the continent eagerly anticipate the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) with a fervour that rivals their excitement for the holiday season. While this might appear unusual to some, the act of counting birds plays a crucial role in monitoring the (unfortunately, largely declining) bird populations. This tradition has persisted for an impressive 124 years!

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