The NatureNB mailing list was established in 1996 to serve naturalists who are interested in sharing information about the animal and plant life and natural features of New Brunswick. Subscribing gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas, share filed trip information and observations, announce upcoming field trips or meetings, and ask questions about nature and what others are doing to enjoy and protect it. Postings are welcome in English and French.

To subscribe, send to LISTSERV@listserv.unb.ca the following message:
SUBSCRIBE NATURENB (and then your name)

To unsubscribe, send to LISTSERV@listserv.unb.ca the following message:

The archives can be found at https://listserv.unb.ca/archives/naturenb.html

Acceptable messages include the following topics:

Your observations of animal and plant life in New Brunswick. Include date and the location if that information will not pose a risk to the species. Use all caps the first time you mention a species. If you refer to the species more than once, use lower case. Do not use abbreviations because abbreviations can vary and many naturalists are not familiar with them.

Announcements with the details of field trips within New Brunswick when participants share expenses; pay their own way on a ferry, for example; and the leaders does not receive a fee.

Field trips reports within New Brunswick.

Announcements about meetings related to the flora and fauna of New Brunswick and their habitat sponsored by not-for-profit organizations in New Brunswick.

Book reviews in which you do not have a vested interest.

Off Topic or Unacceptable Messages:

Advertisements for buying, selling, or giving away items.

Advertisements for field trips when the leader is paid.

Advertisements for trips or field-trip reports outside New Brunswick.

Requests for information about travelling within or outside New Brunswick.

Requests for information about subscribers, hotels, ferry schedules, or telephone numbers.

If you are in doubt about a message, contact the list owner for advice.


Make sure your messages protect the email addresses of other people.

If you are forwarding a message to NatureNB, erase the email addresses within the message before you send the message.

If you are sending a message to NatureNB plus other recipients or the members of your club, put the email addresses of other recipients on the BCC line (blind carbon copy) in order to protect their privacy.


In order to protect subscribers from malware, NatureNB is unable to forward attachments to subscribers.

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