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Let your passion define your legacy.
Help protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage for generations to come with a Legacy Gift to Nature NB.

Legacy giving, or planned giving, refers to the act of leaving a charitable donation or bequest in your Will or estate plan to support a cause of your choice, and leave a legacy that reflects your values and priorities. This involves making provisions in your estate planning documents to ensure that a portion of your assets or property is directed towards an organization of your choice after your death.

Nature NB is a non-profit, charitable organization that works to conserve New Brunswick’s natural heritage by protecting species at risk and their habitats, by connecting New Brunswickers to nature through community science programs and initiatives and encouraging an active role in its protection, by teaching the next generation about the intrinsic value of nature, and by collaborating with other non-profit organizations, government agencies, industries, and community groups to implement long-term conservation plans in the province.

There are several ways to make a legacy gift:

1. Bequests: A bequest is a gift made through a Will or living trust. You can specify a certain dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or specific assets to be transferred to the chosen charity or organization upon your passing.

2. Life Insurance Policies & Retirement Plans: You can name a charitable organization as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or unused retirement assets, ensuring that a portion or the entirety of the policy’s proceeds will be donated upon your death.

3. Securities: You can contribute to a charitable organization by contributing appreciated securities. 

4. A Charitable Donation: Any other kind of gift from your estate, as directed by your Will.

Why Legacy Giving Matters

Investing in Future Conservation Work: Nature NB aims to protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage for generations to come. Legacy giving provides a stable and sustainable source of funding to support Nature NB’s work. The challenges our environment faces require ongoing efforts that often span decades. We have long-term strategic plans to preserve critical habitat, protect endangered species, and advocate for sustainable practices over time. By making a Legacy Gift, you can ensure that your support of these efforts continues beyond your lifetime, providing important resources for the ongoing protection of New Brunswick’s natural heritage.

Engaging Future Generations: Legacy giving fosters a sense of intergenerational continuity. Encourage conversations about environmental stewardship within your family by involving your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones in your giving decisions. You can inspire and pass on a passion for nature and help to create a culture of philanthropy and environmental responsibility. Protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage for future generations and motivate them to continue supporting conservation efforts.

Leaving a Meaningful Gift: Legacy giving provides you with an opportunity to have an impact on future conservation efforts. By including Nature NB in your Will or estate plans, you can ensure that your beliefs and commitment to nature conservation and education are honoured and carried forward. It allows you to contribute substantially to large-scale conservation projects and initiatives, and leave a legacy that reflects your values, priorities, and dedication to safeguarding New Brunswick’s natural heritage for future generations.

Finding an Option that Suits You: Legacy giving offers a range of options and flexibility to meet your donor preferences. Charitable bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, and retirement plans are just a few of the avenues through which you can contribute to nature conservation. Work with legal and financial advisors to explore the most effective and tax-efficient ways to structure your legacy gifts, maximizing the benefits for both yourself and Nature NB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to have a Will?

Having a will ensures that your wishes will be carried out after your death. It will ensure that your loved ones are provided for, and that the causes you supported in life can continue to benefit from your generosity after your passing.

2. How do I add Nature NB to my Will?

Always consult your personal advisor or lawyer when making changes to your Will. Here are some wording examples:
• “I give $__________ to Nature NB
• “I bequeath the residue of my Estate (or xx% of the residue of my estate) to Nature NB.”

3. Will I receive tax benefits by leaving a legacy gift to Nature NB?

Depending on the type of gift, your estate may be eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Please talk to your financial advisor to determine which option is best for you and your estate.

4. How will my legacy be memorialized by Nature NB?

• Nature NB would love to discuss how to acknowledge your legacy gift. Examples could include custom bookplates for the purchase of bird guides, the naming of a scholarship or award, or the sponsoring of an event or workshop. You may also request that your gift remain anonymous.
• Furthermore, legacy givers will be sent a thank you gift once an intended bequeathment is made known to Nature NB, should the donor wish for Nature NB to know of their generosity. Legacy givers will also be recognized on our website, should they wish to have their name and gift made public in this way. Please speak to your financial advisor about how and when to notify Nature NB of your intended gift.

5. Can I request that my gift be used for a specific program?

Unrestricted giving is the best way to ensure that your donation can benefit the greatest number of our programs. We work hard to ensure each program receives what it needs to thrive, but specific requests may be honoured if they are in line with Nature NB’s priority areas. Nature NB would be pleased to discuss how your gift can be used to make the most impact.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided here is not intended as legal advice. Nature NB recommends that you consult your financial advisor and/or your legal representative to ensure that your giving goals are considered, your tax situation is reviewed, and that your legacy gift is tailored both to your circumstances and to Nature NB’s project support needs. Nature NB is a registered charity, no. 890107972RR0001.