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Bouctouche Boardwalk - Nelson Cloud
The Bouctouche Boardwalk (Photo: Nelson Cloud)

Coastal regions are important zones for wildlife and people.

Healthy Coasts NB is a multi-year, multi-partner project with the collective vision of “a path to healthy coasts and thriving communities in harmony with nature.” Using a two-eyed seeing approach, the project will work with communities to identify and support activities along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick that will benefit species and coastal habitats of conservation concern and cultural importance. The project also aims to support community livelihoods by encouraging a safe, resilient, and sustainable coastal way of life.

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From now until March 2023, we will be hosting events, clean-ups, planning sessions, and much more in many communities along the Northumberland and Gulf of St. Lawrence coasts. We invite you to get involved by:

Completing surveys: Tell us what species, places or activities are important to you and how you would like to be involved in helping to conserve them.

Attending an event: We will be hosting community engagement sessions, educational opportunities and volunteer work days throughout the region.

Engaging with project leaders: Get in touch to learn more about the project and how you can connect with others in your community. You can reach the Healthy Coasts NB Project Coordinator or other project leads by emailing info@naturenb.ca or calling the office at 506-459-4209.

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Do you live in a coastal community in New Brunswick? We want to hear from you! Tell us about all the triumphs and challenges your community is facing to help us help you protect the coastline. Take the survey!

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Are you interested in leading a wildlife-friendly coastal clean-up? Follow this guidance document to ensure your coastal wildlife are healthy and safe!

Check out this interactive map of the L’nu place names in NB!
Did you know? L’nu means “the people” in Mi’gmaw.

The Wele’k Pemjajika’q Siknikt / Côtes en santé N.-B. / Healthy Coasts NB team is excited to reveal our new logo! The logo was designed by Taylor Ward, a local designer originally from Metepenagiag First Nation, who has worked a variety of projects in the region.

Logo Description prepared by Taylor Ward

This design encompasses an abstract design of a wave, trees and the silhouette of a bank swallow flying. The half-moon figure also symbolizes tidal and how waves connect with our coasts.

The medicine wheel adds significant first nation symbolism with its natural focus on health and healing, crucial to our lands and coast. The composition and placement of the medicine wheel draws focus to the wave, emphasizing its connection between land and water

Within the wave we find a lighthouse, trees, and bank swallow. The trees represent elemental growth, and the growth with all communities. The lighthouse represents an Acadian coastal presence paired by bank swallow, giving us a “birds-eye-view”, the protection of our species and mother earth require.

Bank Swallow educational brochure prepared by Environment and Climate Change Canada (click on image to view brochure)

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This project is led and supported by:

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NB Wildlife Trust Fund

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