NB Fieldnotes

Learning the Plants as They Grow: Our Wondrous Spring Buds and Blooms

Maple trees are flowing with sugar and Bumblebee queens will soon come out of their long hibernation. But prepare to be amazed, as something remarkable is happening: nothing less than the beauty of spring in the woods! Learn how to profit fully from this period by reading this third installment of our NB Fieldnotes series.

The winter that keeps coming and going : A night on the Dobson

Life is full of traditions, big and small. Some revolve around holidays, others are daily rituals, while some follow the seasons. Since I was a kid, camping has been a personal tradition of mine, with each trip bringing about its own stories, experiences in nature, and, of course, weather.

Birding from Dawn ‘til Dusk: A Beginner’s Look Inside the Christmas Bird Count

Maybe you haven’t heard, but as each year comes to a close, numerous bird enthusiasts throughout the continent eagerly anticipate the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) with a fervour that rivals their excitement for the holiday season. While this might appear unusual to some, the act of counting birds plays a crucial role in monitoring the (unfortunately, largely declining) bird populations. This tradition has persisted for an impressive 124 years!

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