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Take a look at what New Brunswick’s NatureKids have been up to lately!

NatureKids – February 2024

NatureKids – February 2024 For February 2024, participating NatureKids groups had their fingers crossed for good snow to hunt for tracks, but even without the snow, groups took the time to explore outside and learn about New Brunswick wildlife.  Here we Grow got inspired by nature tracks and created their own very own clay sculptures!  …

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NatureKids – January 2024

NatureKids – January 2024 For January 2024, participating NatureKids groups were encouraged to have some fun in the snow and think about the ways creatures have evolved to survive a long, cold winter.  Les Hérons de 2b played games to explore migration, insulation and hibernation. They even took the fun indoors and drew the animals …

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NatureKids – December 2023

NatureKids – December 2023 For December 2023, participating NatureKids groups were invited to take part in the longest running citizen scientist project by going outside and counting the birds they see for the Christmas Bird Count for Kids.  Grand Lakes NatureKids took the binoculars and the bird guides out for a winter solstice bird count.  The …

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NatureKids – November 2023

NatureKids – November 2023 For November 2023, participating NatureKids groups took to the forest exploring the trees and leaves in their neighborhoods. YMCA of Greater Moncton went out and found quite a variety of trees just behind their center. They had loads of fun with the bingo and playing in the leaves. They even lucked …

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NatureKids – October 2023

NatureKids – October 2023 This October, participating NatureKids groups joined in on the fall spooky fun by exploring the fascinating world of Owls with crafts and games! The Hampton Fresh Air Collective took out their tools and dissected owl pellets. Learning about owl digestion and exploring skeletons is always a ton of fun! After learning …

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NatureKids – September 2023

NatureKids – September 2023 This September, participating NatureKids groups took the time to enjoy the last hints of summer as monarchs migrate and our small critter friends get ready for the cold winter!  The Hampton Fresh Air Cooperative went outside and had a great time searching for all things bugs during their Buggy Bingo activity, …

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NatureKids – March 2023

The NatureKids March activity theme was to celebrate the change of seasons and welcome in Spring. Creating a natural suncatcher and trying a “sounds of spring” scavenger hunt were the suggested activities, however one of the things we love most about the NatureKids program is how flexible it is with how each group chooses to …

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NatureKids – February 2023

In February, participating NatureKids groups took advantage of the freshly fallen snow and explored animal tracks using Nature NB’s Track Identification Guide. This is a great way to explore different clues that animals leave behind and put your detective skills to the test. The Hampton Fresh Air Collective had a large group of 40 kids …

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NatureKids – January 2023

The NatureKids January activity was to create a winter bird feeder! This activity is a simple way to help your local birds get through winter by providing them with some easily accessible food. Plus, you can practice your bird identification skills at the same time! The Little Munchkins Preschool Center had a great time making …

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