Bird-friendly Yards and Gardens

Bird-friendly Yards and Gardens 2017-09-12T17:46:38+00:00
  • Bird-friendly native plants
    • Native plants are plants that naturally occur in the area where you live. These plants, as opposed to imported or decorative plants, can provide lots of resources to birds that live in your area. These plants produce nectar, seeds, and fruits exactly when the birds are in need of them. Growing these plants in your yard will encourage birds to visit and will help support them before and after their migrations!
    • Bird-friendly plants that are native to New Brunswick include:
      • Nannyberry (Viburnum)
      • Bee Balm
      • Canadian Aster
      • Goldenrod
      • Lilac
      • Black Eyed Susan
      • Bell Flower
      • Bachelor Buttons
      • Wild Strawberry
      • Lowbush Blueberry
      • Clover
      • Red Osier Dogwood
      • Juniper
      • Blue Flag Iris
      • Salvia