Bird Feeders

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  • How to choose a feeder
    • Bird feeders can be very helpful when birds need the most energy, like when they are fueling up before their migrations or when their natural food sources become depleted in winter and early spring.
    • There are several types of bird feeder, suited to feeding different types of birds. For example, nectar feeders are best for hummingbirds, and tube feeders are best for finches. Different birds also prefer different foods, like sunflower seed or nyjer seed.
    • To learn the best combinations of feeder style and food to attract birds to your yard, visit FeederWatch: http://feederwatch.org/learn/feeding-birds/
  • Tips on feeder placement
    • Feeders need to be placed in a safe location for birds. This means they need to be sheltered from weather, predators, and other hazards, like windows.
    • Feeders placed close to trees and shrubs provide shelter from wind and rain and provide quick places for birds to hide if predators are nearby. Place the feeders far enough away from the tree that squirrels and other animals can’t reach the feeder.
    • You can place your feeders near your windows! To do this safely, place feeders closer than 3 feet (1m) to your windows, or even directly on the windows with suction cups. Any birds that take off from these feeders won’t be flying at top speed by the time they get close to the window, and won’t injure themselves if they happen to hit it.
    • If you want to place your feeders further away from your windows, place them more than 30 feet (10m) away.
  • How to clean feeder
    • It’s important to clean feeders regularly (i.e. every two weeks) to prevent birds from becoming sick. Seeds can mold and bird droppings might build up on feeders, which can cause illness. Wash your feeders with a dilute bleach solution, a vinegar solution, dish soap and water, or run them through the dishwasher. Make sure to rinse feeders thoroughly and let them dry completely before re-filling and hanging them.