NatureKids NB End of Year Activities

14 JUNE 2023 — This spring, participating NatureKids groups took advantage of the warming temperatures to get outdoors. One of the things we love most about the NatureKids program is how flexible it is with how each group chooses to spend their time outside and we love hearing about the different activities the groups get up to!

É.C.O. La Source 2B concentrated on ways they can take actions to help nature. In April they took the time to learn how to sort recyclables.

And in May, they planted two trees in their schoolyard, a Maple and an Ivory Lilac. We can’t wait to hear about what kinds of cool bugs you see visiting those flowers in the future.

The Hampton Fresh Air Collective braved the cold weather and went out critter dipping. This simple activity gets kids exploring local waterways in search of macroinvertebrates that call these neat ecosystems home. Equipped with nets, buckets and guides you can find such things as mayfly larvae, whirligig beetles, water striders and more!

Look at that Leaderboard! We are so happy with everyone’s participation throughout the year. Tied for third with five outings are: the Little Munchkins, the Fredericton Boys and Girls Club and É.C.O. La Source 2N. In second, with six outings is the Here We Grow Explorers. And in first place, congratulations to the Hampton Fresh Air Collective with a total of seven activities!

For the grand prize we picked from a pool of tickets, where each group had as many tickets equal to the amount of times they participated. This year’s grand prize winner is the Fredericton Boys and Girls Club. They will get to choose between a classroom Birding Kit which includes a bird feeder, bird guide and other teaching materials OR a classroom Bug Hunt Kit which includes a class set of magnifying glasses, insect guide and other teaching materials.

Fun in nature doesn’t stop here. Keep an eye out on our NatureKids Facebook page for ideas for the summer!

See you again in the fall to kick off another great year outside!

Try the May and June activities yourself!

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