The NatureKids March activity theme was to celebrate the change of seasons and welcome in Spring. Creating a natural suncatcher and trying a “sounds of spring” scavenger hunt were the suggested activities, however one of the things we love most about the NatureKids program is how flexible it is with how each group chooses to spend their time outside.

The Hampton Fresh Air Collective really paid attention to their environment and decided to do some activities that were more reflective of what was currently happening outside in their area. Some noticed the spring chickadee song, so they fed chickadees and played a game called “Find your Flock” to learn about different bird calls.

They also did a lesson on how trees grow and found a nice big oak tree to hug!

Some younger students read all about how animals keep warm, followed by a scavenger hunt which still felt pretty wintry as there was a snowstorm that day!

Want to try some activities at home? Take a look below!

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