In February, participating NatureKids groups took advantage of the freshly fallen snow and explored animal tracks using Nature NB’s Track Identification Guide. This is a great way to explore different clues that animals leave behind and put your detective skills to the test.

The Hampton Fresh Air Collective had a large group of 40 kids out looking for animal tracks and they were lucky enough to spot muskrat tracks!

A newly joined NatureKids group, ÉCO La Source 2B, also went for a snowshoe through the woods and were able to identify some tracks using their guides as well.

The Fredericton Boys and Girls Club had fun trying to tell the difference between wild animal tracks, dog, and human tracks!

Something we love about the NatureKids program is that there is so much room for activities to be self-lead based on interest. The Salisbury Grade 3’s have been really interested in birds, so they went on a bird watching adventure and looked for some animal tracks along the way.

Want to try the activity yourself? Take a look below!

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