The NatureKids December activity was to practice bird identification skills and/or to participate in the Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4K). The CBC4K is inspired by the traditional Christmas Bird Count (CBC) that happens annually from mid-December to early January. This is a great way for children to participate in citizen science and to contribute to valuable bird research happening across the country. For more information on the CBC, you can visit the Birds Canada website.

One of our participating NatureKids groups, the Hampton Fresh Air Collective, participated in the bird count over the holidays. Thankfully the weather cooperated and they had some great interactions with chickadees, nuthatches and crows!

Another participating NatureKids group, the Here We Grow Explorers, went on a bird watching walk on their woodland trail and they used some of Nature NB’s interpretive trail signs to help with animal and bird identification.

The kids were also very excited to still find some mushrooms along the trail!

Want to try the activity yourself? Take a look below!

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