September and October were exciting months for our NatureKids groups, where we learned all about mushrooms and bats! Read on for some highlights and make sure to scroll to the bottom if you want access to modified versions of these activities yourself!

The Fredericton Boys and Girls Club had a great time exploring mushrooms and said “The kids absolutely loved the activities this month! the staff were blown away by how engaged the kids were. It was a busy month for sure, but taking the time to reconnect with nature was so amazing!”

They also had a lot of fun making a bat craft with pinecones!

The Rainbow of Culture Childcare group also had fun exploring mushrooms on their walk at Odell Park. “It was really refreshing to try something new. Exploring our outdoor environment and engaging in natural play was a wonderful way to create learning moments!”

Children at the Little Munchkins Preschool made lots of observations about the size, shape and smell of mushrooms.

“They don’t come in the same shape and size because they are all different kinds”

“This one is squishy but this one is really hard”

“This one is brown, this one looks yellow and this one is white with dirt all over it”

“They’re stinky!!!” — everyone

Want to try these activities yourself? Take a look at the suggested activities below:

We hope you have fun!
Share your experience learning about mushrooms; send any photos or stories to programs@naturenb.ca!

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