What to Expect at the 2022 Festival of Nature

What to Expect at the 2022 Festival of Nature

MAY 6, 2022 — We are so excited to be hosting the Festival of Nature in person once again! This year, from June 3rd to June 5th, join us in Fredericton to celebrate Nature with a weekend of field trips, workshops, and a celebration of Nature NB’s 50th anniversary!

Tickets for the Festival are on sale now and available for purchase over on Eventbrite. You can check out all of the great field trips and workshops planned in the Festival Brochure! Or keep reading for a sneak peak at what you can expect at the 2022 Festival of Nature.


Are you interested in birds and want to learn more about them? Join Tony and Dorothy Diamond for their Saturday morning workshop “The Nature of Birds”.

If you’re looking to take part in birding in a laid back, casual setting with an expert, join Mike LeBlanc for some biking and birding, followed by a beer at Picaroons.

Are you an experienced birder and you want to improve your birdwatching? Join Roland Chiasson to go beyond field marks and learn how you can incorporate behaviour, habitat, calls, and more to make better identifications!


This year, participants will get to learn about the flora of a mature Acadian forest stand on the extinct volcano, Currie Mountain, as well as discuss how the volcanic rock may influence the forest that covers it with David Mazerolle and Donald MacPhail.

Have you ever walked on a floating vegetation mat? Try it out at the Regent Street Bog with Gart Bishop!

Or, discover the world of fungi in Odell Park with Dr. Alfredo Justo and Amanda Bremner from the New Brunswick Museum.


Go in search of wild bees at the Fredericton Botanic Gardens with Jess Vickruck on Saturday afternoon, or visit the gardens on Sunday with entomologist Alexandre Caouette to look for insects within the many habitats and learn about the incredible diversity of bugs.

Early June is also an excellent time to see butterflies and flower flies. Visits several habitats and discuss the natural history of the species you observe with John Klymko.


The Festival of Nature is a great opportunity to learn about the ecology of the various habitats around Fredericton. Participants can explore the Nashwaak River with Marieka Chaplin and Ian Smith in a Voyageur Canoe and learn about floodplain forests and riparian restoration.

Join Dani Miller from Community Forests International to discuss the role forests play in mitigating the risk of sever floods, and the value of a forest beyond timber.

Visit the Keyhole on Grand Lake with Paula Noel to learn about the rare trees of the Wolastoq river valley and what is being done to conserve them. Then, enjoy a slice of pie with the group at Bertie’s Cafe!

Behind the Scenes

You can go behind the scenes and get an inside peek at a collection of preserved botanical specimens dating from 1834 to present with Robyn Shott at the Connell Memorial Herbarium in the Biology Department at UNB.

Have you heard of Hayes Farm? Learn about regenerative farming for climate change mitigation during a tour of their intensive 7.5 acre farm. Join them Sunday for a hands-on activity to engage with the ecosystem and your food system!

You can also visit Tom Beckley and Louise Comeau’s homestead in Keswick Ridge. Tour a regenerating woodlot and their homestead that includes a large garden, maple sugaring, chickens, greenhouse production, and more. Learn how these two environmental professionals mind their ecological footprint.


Saturday morning, further your skills in nature photography with Peter Gadd. Learn about the technical aspects and limitations of using a camera before a practical session in the field.

Or, join Arielle Demerchant on Sunday afternoon to practice your photography skills on frogs and learn the basics of wildlife photography.

Looking to capture nature in a different way? Join local visual artist Guy Vézina in a plein air drawing session.


Beth Whalen will lead a group in a gentle and enlivening yoga class outdoors. Practice mindful movement and breathing, and fell calm and connected at the end.

You also have the opportunity to learn the basics of bouldering at the UNB Woodlot with the Fredericton Bouldering Co-op. Use this outdoor experience to learn bouldering safety, etiquette, and beginner climbing techniques.

Sunday morning, join the GTFO Adventure Club for a women’s-only mindfulness walk through the forest.

Beth Johnston and Ian Smith are ready to lead you on a hike at Alex Creek Trail. These nature enthusiasts are excited to show off this scenic trail.

Explore all that the nature on the banks of the Wolastoq have to offer while being guided by knowledgeable naturalists, experts, and enthusiastic members of the community, and share an outdoor experience with old and new friends.

It’s been two years since nature loves from across the province have been gathered together to learn from each other and celebrate nature. We can’t wait to see you all at the Festival of Nature!