Marie Kryszko, Traditional Mi’kmaq Knowledge Keeper

24 FEBRUARY 2022 — On Saturday, February 26, 2022, Healthy Coasts is hosting a community engagement session for the Chaleur region. This session is the second for the region and will focus on beaches and dunes. During this session, people are encouraged to share their conservation priorities for their region and their community and will get an overview of the GeoNB flood map. To kick the whole thing off, this community engagement session features a land acknowledgement by Marie Kryszko.

This land acknowledgement must be understood as acknowledging that our ancestors followed our peace and friendship treaties which is a fundamental part of our history in building healthy relationships with all our relations.

Marie Kryszko

Marie Kryszko is a proud Traditional Mi’kmaq Knowledge Keeper — and half-Hungarian — from Oinpegitgoij (Pabineau First Nation). She has two daughters and seven grandchildren.

She graduated from university in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. In addition, through volunteer work and life experiences, she learned how to teach, write, and do public speaking, all of which are important in her work.

Marie has been a Board of Director with Indigenous Women of the Wabanaki Territories since 2018, and leads as the Community Liaison for NWAC Community Dementia Project since 2020. Presently, Marie works with Mi’kmaq Child & Family Services of NB as the Mi’kmaq Cultural Coordinator.

Marie brings over 30 years of experience with Aboriginal knowledge, ceremonies, and cultural awareness. She shares a variety of culturally appropriate presentations and facilitates cultural sensitivity workshops, including Full Moon Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, sharing circles, hand drumming circles, and women’s support. She also shares some native craft workshops.

Marie is the hostess for a guided tour called Kryszko’s Authentic Cultural Journey which takes people on an authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural journey starting in her backyard in her teepee and includes a walk along the Nepisiguit River. This Authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural experience takes people on a peaceful healing journey perfect for everyone.

Marie is a positive role model in local communities, volunteering for activities that promote and encourage living a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, and cultural awareness.

Marie states, “sharing my knowledge on Cultural Awareness can help us understand ourselves with keeping balance in our daily lifestyle. In order for our identity to stay alive and strong we need to gather and share. Laughter is the best medicine.”

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