Healthy Coasts NB wants to know: How important are coastal areas to you?

How important are coastal areas to you? Healthy Coasts NB has been asking this question from the get-go. The multi-year, multi-partner project works with communities to “identify and support activities along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick that will benefit species and coastal habitats of conservation concern and cultural importance.” It’s also the question that sets the tone for the informational video created by Les Projets Aulnes.

Les Projets Aulnes is a community action group with the vision of mobilizing communities of the Baie des Chaleurs to contribute to the ongoing global efforts towards a sustainable and clean future. They are based in the municipality of Nigadoo, NB, and their connection to the Baie des Chaleurs region is tangible in the Healthy Coasts NB video.

We asked Danis Comeau and Renelle LeBlanc a few questions about the video. Here’s what Danis had to say:

1. There are some unique shots in here of some iconic sites for wildlife, but also of people on the coast like beach walkers, fishers, etc. — why did you want to include these?

I come from the world of television.
I have always preferred the realistic style to the cinematic one. That’s why we shoot with Canon video cameras. These cameras are known to offer precise and vivid images in native colours that are as close as possible to what I see with my own eyes when I land on a scene to capture. I am inspired to share these moments of reality with the people who see my work. It allows me to have a down to earth connection with them.

Aerial images were chosen to establish the vast territory of Baie des Chaleurs with a splendor comparable to anywhere else in the world. I wanted to give my viewers that chance to position themselves that way. The time lapse footage at night in the intro suggests a slightly more universal positioning. All the other images were shot to represent what we see here every day as we walk out the door. Without filters.

2. What do you hope this video will accomplish? What do you hope to make people feel when they watch it?

I hope that people can be inspired to take a moment to reflect on the importance of natural environments in our daily lives here along the shores of the Baie des Chaleurs.

3. How does it feel to shoot a video like this in your home region? What does it mean for you personally?

For us, it was a two-pronged approach.
We felt privileged to film the video in our neck of the woods for the chance to showcase the beauty of our region while promoting the conservation efforts currently underway at the regional level. The Healthy Coasts NB initiative is supported by Environment and Climate Change Canada. It’s a great support for the Northeast of the province for the environment that is worthy of mention.

4. What was your favourite shot to film?

My partner and I really like the sense of adventure. When we set out on a mission, we like to reach our goal. I speak for both of us when I say that our favourite scene is the first time lapse in the intro. We wanted to capture the rising tide over a 6 hour period while capturing the Milky Way for effect. The humidity was rising very quickly in this marsh which made it difficult to capture images. We were caught off guard by the weather to have clear skies and ideal shooting conditions. In addition, the location was difficult to access. We had to constantly adjust our equipment and closely monitor the process. The final result is only 5 seconds long, but we had to transport the equipment to the location, set it up and take it down for each exercise. It took us 3 tries to complete the scene.

| Still image from the Healthy Coasts NB video

If you haven’t yet seen the video yet, it can be found on the Healthy Coasts webpage and on Nature NB’s YouTube channel.

If you are a resident of the Baie des Chaleurs region and would like to learn more about the Healthy Coasts project or get involved, please get in touch at info@naturenb.ca. We’re also looking for your input! Healthy Coasts NB has a survey linked on its webpage. Once you’ve filled it out, share it with your friends and neighbours!

Our conservation efforts are only successful if we all play a part. You can help along the coast by:

  • removing waste
  • keeping your dogs on leash
  • giving wildlife plenty of space
  • avoiding trampling plants
  • avoiding using motor vehicles on the beach

Keep an eye on the Healthy Coasts webpage for upcoming events, news, and updates about the project

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