BARRAM, the beer that cleans the beaches of the Acadian Peninsula – Beach Waste Exhibit

For the third year in a row, Les Brasseux d’la Côte and Nature NB present the garbage collected on the beaches of the Acadian Peninsula.

August 31, 2021 — The majority of the Acadian Peninsula’s beaches are still in their natural state, making them popular attractions, and important for the fauna and flora found there.

This year, for the third year in a row, we have collected more than 1,000 lbs of garbage (2,300 lbs in 2019, 1,542 lbs in 2020, and 2,400 lbs in 2021) over 15 kilometers of coastline. Come and see the exhibition of the waste collected in 2021 directly at the Brewery, Les Brasseux d’la Côte.

You can see the phenomenal amount of garbage, lobster traps, tires collected and garbage bags filled. The garbage was collected during field days by the Nature NB team.

The litter display is a collaboration between Nature NB and Les Brasseux d’la Côte through their partnership and the sale of Barram beer cans. This display allows us to demonstrate the problem of plastic waste that ends up on our beaches. We must act now while there is still time.

The exhibit will be held at the front of the Brewery, located at 3216 Principale Street, Tracadie NB, and will be on display from Wednesday evening, September 1 until Friday noon, September 3, 2021.

Come take advantage of this long weekend to realize how much garbage ends up on our beautiful beaches.

An award-winning beer made in partnership with Nature NB to honour their work in protecting our sandy coastlines and the Marram grass that holds it together. The name Barram forms from the words barachois, a distortion of the french name “barre à choir” (a sandbar that surrounds a lagoon) and Marram grass.

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Lewnanny Richardson, Species at Risk Program Director, Nature NB


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