Getting Outside in NB This Fall

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 — The leaves are starting to change and the temperatures are starting to cool as fall arrives – another great season to get outside and explore! One of the benefits of being outside (other than helping reduce stress) is how easy it is to stay socially distant from others outside your bubble. To help you think of ways to get outside, we’ve compiled a list of things to do while enjoying New Brunswick’s fall colours. Read on below for some fall activity ideas!

1. Go for a fall nature walk

There is no better way to admire the beautiful fall leaves than when you’re reconnecting with nature on a nature walk.

The best part of walking in fall? The leaves! Whether you like finding the crunchiest leaf to step on, collecting the brightest ones for pressing or fall decorating, or taking pictures of the beautiful landscape, connecting with nature in the fall has its own brand of magic.

2. Go bird watching

This time of year, some birds are preparing for a long flight south while others are stocking food in caches for the winter. This makes fall a great time to see birds you may not have seen throughout the summer, as many species are stopping through on their journey and others are simply more active.

If you are observing birds this fall, take note of how they’re acting. Some birds have interesting behaviours when foraging for food! Wondering which birds you’re seeing? Check out iNaturalist and eBird, or your local Facebook groups for help with identification. (Photo: Brian Stone)

3. Try stargazing

Fall is the perfect time to go stargazing! It gets darker earlier, but the temperatures aren’t yet too cold to actually enjoy standing still for extended periods of time. When it’s not overcast, dress warmly, bring hot chocolate, and give your eyes plenty of time to get used to the dark.

If you’re fascinated by the night sky and want to learn more, check out your local groups – there may be an astronomy club looking for new, enthusiastic learners to join! (For the Fredericton area: Hanwell Observatory)

There are also fun apps from which to learn more about what you’re seeing (e.g. Starwalk, Google Sky Map, and Exoplanet). Check out more information here!

4. Plant bulbs for spring

If you feel uninspired by fall knowing it inevitably leads to winter, planting bulbs for the spring could lighten your mood.

Fall bulbs that bloom in spring, like tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and snowdrops, will brighten the landscape before trees and bushes even have leaves. Crocuses and snowdrops may even push through the frozen ground when there’s still snow! If you enjoy being outside during the fall months, planting spring bulbs could be a fun activity to get you outside while investing in next year’s spring bloom.

5. Go for a bike ride

Did the lockdown this spring bring your bicycle out of storage? Before you put it away again, take it out for one last spin. Find a local trail, map out your route, and get outside in cooler weather that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized!

6. Play in the leaves!

There’s something so satisfying about jumping in a pile of freshly raked leaves. This is a fun activity for the young and the young at heart!

And the scattered leaves after a good jump? They can help your local birds! If you want an excuse to not rake that last layer of leaves from your lawn, look no further: leaving a layer of leaves can provide a natural fertilizer for your lawn and is good for the birds and butterflies come spring (read more).

Get in touch with us this fall!

Do you have a favourite activity to get outside in the fall that we didn’t include? Send us your photos on social media, or email us your photos and stories at news@naturenb.ca.

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