NatureKids Bathurst: Learn to use a Map and Compass!

Sunday, May 27 at 2 PM – 4 PM
Daly Point Nature Reserve


Hey Kids – have you ever wondered how to use a Map and Compass?

Come join NatureKids NB at Daly Point Nature Reserve and learn the basics of using a map and compass to navigate.

We will spend some time learning how to read a map and identifying different features and symbols, then we will familiarize ourselves with the parts of a compass. After that we’re going to head out onto the trails to test our skills!

We will have a limited number of compasses available, so if you would like to bring your own, please do.

As always, we will be outside so please dress accordingly including proper footwear and sun protection. And don’t forget your water bottles

NOTE: This activity is geared towards children 6 and up. Younger siblings are welcome, but they may find it too difficult or uninteresting.

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