NOVEMBER 16, 2017 — Join us on November 25 from 9:30-12:30 for a great winter workshop!

Feeding birds in winter brings great delight to countless New Brunswickers as our resident species, from Black-capped Chickadees to Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, and winter finches, enliven our days during nature’s otherwise quiet season. Join Jim Wilson as he shares tips and tricks on how to attract birds to your yard.

Learn about the most effective feeders and foods, and how to deter those unwanted dinner crashers. Special attention will be focused on how you can protect the health and safety of birds particularly in light of recent outbreaks of trichomoniasis in the region. Pre-registration is required by emailing the Nature NB office (staff@naturenb.ca) or by calling the office 459-4209.

The workshop is open to one-and-all and without charge.

This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.


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