Birds, Bees, and Butterflies: Creating A Wildlife-Friendly Backyard

IMG_7416Habitat loss, among other things, is one of the largest obstacles threatening our wildlife in New Brunswick. Our “Birds, Bees, and  Butterflies” workshops are designed to teach you about New Brunswick Wildlife, including our very threatened pollinators and aerial insectivores. You’ll also learn about all of the ways that you can help to provide healthy habitat for any wildlife species you’d like to attract to your backyard.

During these workshops, we’ll be discussing the types of wildlife found in NB, as well as their threats and the benefits they provide. You’ll learn about the different types of natural structures you can create for wildlife in your backyard. We’ll also build a  small  wildlife structure that you’ll take home with you, and provide some backyard plants to get you started.

Also included will be instructions on how to create your very own pollinator garden – from building to planting and everything in between.

To schedule a workshop, please email or call the office at 506-459-4209.



Mason Bee Nest Box-
A take-home wildlife structure