Past Events

Winter Carnival 
Our Annual Winter Carnival features tons of great winter activities to explore nature! We have a lot of fun and drink hot chocolate. In 2008, we learned about adaptations that help plants and animals survive the winter, went birding on snowshoes, and did an obstacle course. In 2009, we went snowshoeing around a beaver pond, made edible “scat”, and went sliding.

Decorating a Christmas Tree for the Birds
The Gagetown YNC made edible ornaments to help the local birds survive the harsh winter months.

The Fredericton YNC got out some GPS units and found cool treasures on a geocaching hike!

The Fredericton YNC learned how to navigate in the outdoors.

Critter Dipping
Youth explored some ponds and found tons of cool creatures!

Fundy Park
Youth explored a beach at Fundy, and learned about flying squirrels and how to track them.