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GetOutside! NB


Get Outside! NB is a partnership among Nature NB, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society New Brunswick – CPAWS NB, NB Parks/Parcs N.-B. and the The Nature Trust of New Brunswick. We want to connect more people to New Brunswick’s nature, using our provincial parks to show you where to go for safe and fun outdoor experiences. Throughout the summer, Park Nature Leaders run free, family friendly activities in provincial parks across the province for everyone to enjoy. The GetOutside! initiative began in B.C. with environmental, educational organisations adopting the program in New Brunswick.


Great Minds Think Outside


Great Minds Think Outside is a hands-on, curriculum-linked, outdoor professional development program that will give teachers and educators the skills, tools, and resources they need to teach their students outside – whatever the subject matter!

This program is the first of its kind in New Brunswick, and is designed to fit your work environment. Rather than having individual educators travel to workshops (which can be difficult), this program will bring training to educators in their schools, school districts, other locations, at times that are convenient for them! By offering the sessions in their daily work environment, the educators learn to see the possibilities of teaching in their own yards.




Naturehood is a partnership between Nature NB and Nature Canada. Through our efforts, we strive to work with schools across New Brunswick, working to educate young minds in urban areas. Its goal is connecting people of all ages to nature right where they live — which, in Canada, increasingly means urban centres. We call this nearby nature! NatureHood inspires urban residents to connect with nature through celebratory events, educational and stewardship activities and events, and wildlife observation, all set in urban green spaces and Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA). 

Through strong partnerships with grassroots naturalist clubs and allies across Canada, NatureHood promotes nature awareness at the local level and exposes a new generation of nature lovers, naturalists and citizen scientists to nature all around them.


EDF (Environmental Damages Fund)


Working with the Saint John Naturalists’ Club, Nature NB will support and enhance the work of the Point Lepreau Bird Observatory and the Greenlaw Mountain Hawk Watch during their spring and fall migratory bird research programs along the Bay of Fundy. We will also identify and educate stakeholders (industry, government, the public) about the importance of the protection of migratory birds and their habitats. This project clearly addresses the issues at play: a lack of information on migration by relevant stakeholders and education around bird migration that contributed to the bird mortality at the Canaport flare incident.

Climate Change Project

Nature NB is developing tools that will help communities identify and assess how nature can reduce the impacts of climate change in their region (e.g. increased flooding, erosion, etc.). Natural areas, like forests and wetlands, provide a variety of low-cost services that provide a buffer against extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and other impacts. For example, wetlands can slow rainwater during storms, reducing flood damages in downstream communities.

To develop tools that can identify and measure nature’s services, Nature NB has created the Maritime Natural Infrastructure Collaborative (MNIC), a group of over 20 organizations from multiple sectors. The MNIC is currently testing tools across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island to help explore how certain natural areas can help protect our homes, livelihoods, and families from the impacts of climate change.

This project has allowed Nature NB to build connections with industry, government, NGO, and academic partners. To date, we have presented on our work to national, provincial, and municipal audiences and are actively working in various communities across Maritime Canada to advance this approach. By supporting this initiative through sponsorship, your organization will ensure decision-makers at all levels are equipped with tools that will help them identify, measure, and evaluate natural areas and the services they provide. This will help improve future land-use and adaptation planning practices, while simultaneously providing great benefit to our local communities.

Hawk Watch/ Point Lepreau Bird Observatory