Grand Lake Meadows

The Grand Lake Meadows is New Brunswick’s largest wetland complex and is home to a number of diverse and unique plant communities. During the summers of 2004 and 2005, a group of biologists with Nature NB undertook a vascular plant survey of some 5,000ha (12,000 acres) between the Saint John River and the Main Thoroughfare/Grand Lake from McGowan’s Corner east to the Jemseg River. The primary objectives of the study were to catalogue all vascular plant species within the project area and to characterize the different habitats and plant communities in the area. The habitat types chosen by our researchers attempt to represent the complex composition of the area. The results of this study can be found in the Flora of the Grand Lake Meadows Final Report. (Part 1 , Part 2) Along with this report, an educational and interactive website funded by Virtual Museums Canada was created in 2007. The website includes a youth section, virtual tours of the unique habitats found in the Grand Lake Meadows as well as a searchable vascular plant database. Explore the Grand Lake Meadows