Education Kits

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Education Kits

Nature NB currently has two education kits available for educators.

NB Species at Risk

The NB Species-At-Risk Education Kit is written primarily for teachers in the province. Nature NB believes that it is important for teachers and students to learn more about our endangered species and habitats. The kit is an extensive source of authoritative information and hands-on, classroom-ready activities and lesson plans for teachers and students and is keyed to the NB curriculum for grades 4 and 7. Most of the activities can be adapted for all other grades, up to the high school level. Through cross-curricular themes, educators and students will learn about the impact of disappearing habitats on flora and fauna. The Species-At-Risk Kit will suggest realistic ways that people can make a positive difference, while fulfilling outcomes in the science curriculum.

This free kit is currently available online here and on the NB Education Portal. Nature NB also has a limited amount of hard copies available at our Fredericton office.

Grade 4 – Species at Risk Education Kit

Grade 7 – Species at Risk Education Kit

Flora of the Grand Lake Meadow

The Grand Lake Meadows is New Brunswick’s largest wetland complex and is home to a number of diverse and unique plant communities. During the summers of 2004 and 2005, a group of biologists along with Nature NB staff, surveyed of a specific area of the Grand Lake Meadows. The primary objectives of the study were to catalogue all vascular plant species within the project area and to characterize the different habitats and plant communities in the area.

From this information, Nature NB has created an image-rich educational program for youth and adult community groups. The kits cover a variety of botany centered themes and include presentation materials, posters and a CD of plant images.

In 2007, Nature NB also launched an interactive website through Virtual Museums of Canada. This site includes virtual tours of different habitat types, a vascular plant database as well a fun and interactive kids sections.