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Junior Citizen Science Programs

Citizen science programs actively involve citizens in scientific projects that generate a new knowledge or understanding of the topic and have a genuine scientific outcome.

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Nature NB’s Junior Citizen Science programs engages students in their local communities and encourages them to think critically while developing a deeper understanding of why and how our environment changes. Students will learn how to make scientific observations and use scientific tools in order to observe and analyze the natural world around them!

Our Junior Citizen Science programs cover a range of topics from plant growth to animal tracks and are suited for any grade or age group! The length of these programs ranges from 1 to 2 hours.

Topics include:

  • Yard Mapper – Students will map their school yard while taking notes of the various habitats and objects around their school. This information is then used to create a better understanding of bird habitats around the world!
  • Animal Tracking – Monitor wildlife near your local school or park! This project will encourage students to think critically about the lifestyles of animals and how they are affected by seasons and the types of food available.
  • Spot the Seasons – Students will learn about weather as well as plant and animal life cycles while keeping track of the changes in the environment around them as the seasons change.

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This program is funded by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund.