Become an IBA Caretaker

If you or your club is interested in becoming a caretaker, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact Nature NB to discuss your interest in becoming a caretaker.
  2. Review the IBA Caretaker Manual. This manual is a great resource for information about where to start when becoming a caretaker.
  3. Visit Nature NB’s Biodiversity Web portal and become a registered volunteer.
  4. Find an IBA near you by using our interactive map.
  5. Consult your IBA information sheet. This sheet included present bird populations and explains why the site was designation as an IBA.
  6. Print out an IBA reporting/monitoring sheet (available on the webportal) and commit to visiting the site at least once a year. The information collected will include basic site conditions and population monitoring
  7. Submit your data on the portal!

Funding for New Brunswick’s IBA program is provided by Nature Canada, BirdLife International, Bird Studies Canada and Wildlife Habitat Canada.