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Important Bird Areas

In 2011, Nature NB became the New Brunswick coordinator for Canada’s Important Bird Areas program. The Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program is a worldwide effort to maintain and improve the conservation of the world’s birds by protecting important bird habitats and integrating bird conservation with sustaining people’s livelihoods. The majority of Canada’s IBAs are discrete sites at which significant numbers of birds regularly breed, congregate, or pass through on migration. IBAs have also been identified because they support significant numbers of threatened birds, or birds restricted by range or by habitat. Visit for more information on the global program and for more information on NB and Canadian IBAs.

As a regional coordinator, Nature NB is looking for individuals or groups to become IBA caretakers.

What does it mean to be a Caretaker?

IBA Caretakers are individuals or groups of people who voluntarily commit to caring for one or more IBAs in Canada. In general, Caretakers keep track of and report on changes to bird populations and habitats (including potential threats) within IBAs. Information gathered by Caretakers helps Regional and National IBA Canada Partners engage in effective bird conservation efforts by keeping information up-to-date and responding to threats to habitats and species. Becoming a Caretaker is a rewarding experience and an effective way to make a positive impact on this planet.

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IBAs in New Brunswick

There are currently 26 IBAs established in New Brunswick, click click to see them all!