Become a Caretaker!

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Become a Caretaker!

Participating in Nature NB’s Biodiversity Stewardship Project is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

Step 1: Visit our Web portal (Hyper-link) and register as a volunteer

Step 2: Once registered, you can use our interactive map to view available sites to visit. Choose a site based on your interests (plants, birds, etc), location (County), type (IBA or ESA), Ecotype or Category.

Step 3: Choose a site and plan a visit!

As a volunteer, you have the option of visit a new site every time you volunteer, or in the case of the IBAs, becoming a caretaker and visiting your site every year.

Step 4: Enter your data online. Entering data on the webportal will allow you to have a virtual record of what areas you visited, your personal species lists and what site information you submitted. This information will then be used to make development decisions in these areas.


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