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Biodiversity Stewardship Program

Our Biodiversity Stewardship Program was created to engage New Brunswickers as environmental stewards in their communities by becoming an area caretaker. Currently there are 900 Environmentally Significant Areas (ESA), 26 Important Bird Areas (IBA) and 61 Protected Natural Areas (PNA) in New Brunswick.

Important Bird Areas

The Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program is a worldwide effort to maintain and improve the conservation of the world’s birds by protecting important bird habitats and integrating bird conservation with sustaining people’s livelihoods.

Junior Citizen Science Programs

Nature NB’s Junior Citizen Science programs engages students in their local communities and encourages them to think critically while developing a deeper understanding of why and how our environment changes.


PlantWatch is part of the NatureWatch community which aims to engage all Canadians in collecting scientific information in nature to understand our changing environment.