Amazing Bird Count

Nature NB has organized the Annual Amazing Bird Count in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2014,  teams raised over 800$ to support Nature NB programs. This year the count will take place in June, just in time for our annual Festival of Nature!


Register as a participant by June each year.
Bird Count Dates: Any 24 hour period between June 1st and 30th


To support Nature NB’s programs working to conserve and protect New Brunswick’s natural heritage.


To support our conservation and education programs and take part in Nature NB’s annual Amazing Bird Count, download and print a Bird Count Pledge Form and ask friends, family, and coworkers to sponsor you at a flat rate (such as $25) or per bird species you spot (e.g., 50 cents per species). Next, head out into the field for a maximum of 24-hour anytime between September 1st and 30th.


Anywhere you choose! You can form a team or go birding by yourself. You can count birds anywhere in New Brunswick.


Use the Amazing Bird Count as an excuse to visit your favorite spot or gather a team of your favorite people. Host a picnic and spread your blanket on a hilltop or shoreline. Don’t forget, your kids can compete for the Young Naturalist team award.


From April 1st to June 1st, register online or print and mail in your registration.

By participating in the Amazing Bird Count, you’ll be doing your part to support healthy ecosystems, promote abundant birds, and protect wildlife, including endangered and threatened species, in New Brunswick. To be considered for a prize, bird counts and pledge forms must be completed and received by July 15th. Forms can be sent to Nature NB. Forms and questions can also be submitted to For more information, call 506-459-4209.


Prizes will be awarded to the following categories:

  • Top Fundraiser (most money raised)
  • Top Birding Team (most species recorded)
  • Best Birds (as determined by the Bird Count Committee)
  • Top Young Naturalists’ Club team (Most species sighted by a YNC team)


  • Teams must register in advance
  • Each team may have up to 10 birders


The New Brunswick Bird Checklist (published by Nature NB 2011) is the official checklist of the Bird Count. This Checklist will be sent to each registered team.


All counts must be conducted within one continuous 24-hour period (except for Young Naturalists’ Club team counts, which are to be done within a 2-hour period).


Participants on a team must remain within shouting distance while in the field.

Bird Count Report Form

You must turn in your Bird Count Reporting Form by July 15th 2015 to be considered for any prizes or recognitions. We will publish the winners’ names unless you indicate on your forms, in writing, that you do not wish us to print or use your name to recognize you.

Additional Condition

Birds attracted by audio devices or by feeders are countable. No audio devices should be used abusively for attracting of rare, threatened, or endangered species. Pishing is also allowed with the same guidelines regarding rare, threatened, and endangered birds.