Nature Clubs

March Schedule

Chignecto Naturalist Club
Meetings: Sackville Commons Co-op, 7:30 pm, 3rd Monday of the month, Sept. – June.
President: Pam Novak
Club Contact: Andrew Mcfarlane

Club de Naturalistes de la Péninsule acadienne
Les réunions : tous les premiers mercredis du mois de septembre à juin.  Ces rencontres débutent à 19h au Centre communautaire de Landry à Landry.

Club des Ami(e)s de la Nature du Sud-Est
President: Yvon Comeau
Club Contact: Nicole Landry

Mecredi, 7 mars, 19h
Réunion: Mecredi 7 mars, 19h00
Lieu: Dieppe, Park Rotary
Conférencier: Maurice LeBlanc
Thème:  Projet de la Société de l’hirondelle des rivages de Cap-Bimet : Diminution des hirondelles de rivage et stratégies communautaires de rétablissement.

Samedi  mars, 
Sortie: Samedi (À confirmé)
Responsable: Raymonde Chartier
Thème: L’érablière de Moncton
Guide: Heather Fraser, acéricultrice visite guidée à 11h00 sous réservation pour groupes
Rencontre: 6 chemin Dewey Rd. Réservoir Turtle Creek

Club D’ornithologie du Madawaska

Fredericton Nature Club
Meetings: held at the Stepping Stone Centre (15 Saunders St.) in Fredericton at 7:00pm on the 1st Thursday of the month from October to April.

Hampton Nature Club
Meetings: held the first Tuesday of the month from September to June at St. Paul’s Church, 486 Kennebecasis River Road, Hampton.

Tuesday, March 6,  7:00pm
Meeting: Tuesday, March 6, 7pm
Where: St. Paul’s Hampton- 486 Kennebecasis River Road, Hampton NB
Description: Join us at our monthly meeting for March. We are happy to have Terry Adair come share with us about the life of the Black Bear. The Black Bear is part of what makes up our ecosystem and it’s important to understand where it fits into it. Come on out and learn more about this great elusive mammal.

Jacquet River Nature Club
Meetings: Third Wednesday of the month, 7pm at CCNB (downstairs at the Villa in Jacquet River), 3981 Main Street, Belledune, NB. (September-May)

Nature Miramichi
Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm Senior Citizen’s Centre, Sutton Road, Nelson-Miramichi, September through June.

Nature Moncton
Meetings: Regular monthly meetings are held at the Mapleton Park Rotary Lodge.
President: Susan Atkinson
Club Contact: Roger Leblanc

Saturday, March 3rd, 1pm
Winter Gulls Outing
Date: March 3, 2018
Time: 1pm
Location: Southeast ECO360 Landfill site
Guide: Roger Leblanc
Description: For many bird enthusiasts, talking about gulls is a bit like having a discussion about root canal treatment.  But that is unfortunate.  Although wading through the many varying plumages of gulls can make identification hard, it is also true that there are many reasons why we should all take a second and third look at gulls.  First we are lucky in our area to have a large and varied population of gulls which is even more beneficial in winter when other birds are fewer and far between.  Also, even if it is true that gulls take several years to come into their final adult plumage making the immature gulls harder to ID, it is also a fact that since we have only 5 species to contend with at this time of year, it can be done!  And after all, overcoming identification difficulties is part of what makes bird watching fun. So don’t despair — with good information and practice you too can get to know your gulls.

To help you out on that path Nature Moncton is offering a field trip to the Southeast ECO360 landfill site, otherwise known as the dump. This is THE place in the city where you are most likely to see the biggest number of gulls in one place at one time. It is also the best place to find all 5 species of gulls “possible” in the region at this time of year.

So why not join us Saturday March 3rd for a trip to this local gull magnet? The group will assemble at 1:00 pm in the parking lot of the administration building (just let the people know at the gate that you are heading to the Nature Moncton gull outing). After a very short refresher on the gull species we will be looking for, we will carpool to the nearby landfill and take in the gull extravaganza that usually numbers in the thousands at this time of year. Our own Roger Leblanc will be the leader for this outing, but other gull knowledgeable participants will also be there to help you out with nailing down both the species and age group of the birds that you see.  As an added bonus other birds can be quite numerous around the landfill site, so be prepared to see dozens of Bald Eagles, for instance. The outing should last a couple of hours and help you get a handle on our winter gull population.

Tuesday, March 20, 7pm
Nature Moncton March Meeting
Date: March 20, 2018
Time: 7pm
Location: Mapelton Park Rotary (Across from Cabela’s)
Speaker: Laura Tranquilla
Description: Wetlands provide a vast array of ecosystem services. Unfortunately, wetlands have been rapidly declining in number, size, and quality throughout North America. Those that remain are threatened by pollution, filling, draining, and other human impacts. Many marsh-dependent species have been affected, and are in need of monitoring, protection, and recovery efforts.
In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, conservation organizations have secured and stewarded close to 940,000 hectares of wetland habitat! However, valuation of wetland conservation in terms of hectares says little about the biodiversity and functions these wetlands provide. To fill this gap, Bird Studies Canada, with support from partners, launched the Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program in 2012.
Join Bird Studies Canada Atlantic Program Manager, Laura Tranquilla as she talks about the Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program’s efforts to date, directions for the future, and ways to participate.

For more information on Bird Studies Canada’s Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program please visit:

Saturday, March 24, 1pm
Nature Moncton Tree Swallow Nest Box Project Workshop
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Tankville School- 1665 Elmwood Drive
Cost: $8.00
Description: Come learn about swallows in our province, pick up your nest boxes, learn about placement and maintenance of the boxes as well as how they are built.
Presenters: Roger Leblanc and Fred Richards
After an excellent success last year, Nature Moncton’s Activities Committee is pursuing again this year a long-term Tree Swallow Nest Box Project that we hope will be enthusiastically embraced. Note also that these nest boxes can potentially be taken up by other species such as Eastern Bluebirds and Black-capped Chickadees. Once again, one of our members, Fred Richards, has volunteered to build and assemble 49 very solid and well-made nest boxes with an expected lifespan of 15 years. The 50th will be assembled at the end of the Nest Box Project Workshop to show participants the plans and how to build more should they wish. The workshop, led by Roger Leblanc and Fred Richards, will provide knowledge on the expected swallows in NB as well as share information on where best to erect the boxes for maximum effect and how to maintain them. The boxes are offered free of charge to paid-up Nature Moncton members (only a few boxes remain to be reserved). Each numbered box will be stamped with the Nature Moncton logo. We are asking that the volunteers who have adopted the boxes be willing to place them and maintain them each year as well as keep records of nesting results (a form will be provided).
Parasites in the form of fleas are an unavoidable burden to bird nest boxes, especially to nestlings. This can easily be avoided or considerably reduced by adding a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth to the nest box at spring clean out combined with a shot of 0.05% permethrin spray to remove any fleas that have overwintered. A small packet of diatomaceous earth will be given with each nest box and information on the spray which can be purchased at most pet stores. Nelson Poirier will give instructions to those who wish to use these aids. Everyone is welcome to attend the March 24, 2018 workshop whether or not you will be (or are) an active participant in the project. Those who already have their own boxes and are interested in learning new ideas or those who are just curious to know more about swallows and their nesting habits are also welcome to attend, Nature Moncton member or not.


Nature Sussex
Meetings: the 4th Monday of the month at St. Mark’s Anglican Church Hall, in Sussex Corner, N.B. at 7:00 pm.

Monday, March 26, 7pm
Event: Nature Sussex Meeting
Location: At. Mark’s Anglican Church Hall- 4 Needle Street, Sussex Corner
Featuring: Guest Speaker, Graham Milner
Topic: Shoales Dam Ranger Camp
Description: The Schoales Dam Ranger Camp is a quiet forest retreat tucked away in the Shepody area about a kilometre past Adair’s Wilderness Lodge.
Relatively few people know it exists but a Sussex group called the Homesteaders Association Incorporated is trying to fix up the camp so that more nature lovers can use it.
Graham Milner, one of the founding members of the Homesteaders Association will be with us for the evening to tell us about their progress to date and their plans for the site.

NB Botany Club
President: David Mazerolle
Club Contact: Donna Monahan

Restigouche Nature Club
Meetings: the 1st Monday of the month at Campbellton Nursing Home, 101 Dover St, at 7:00 pm, September through June
President: Mike Lushington

Saint John Naturalist Club
Meetings: 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the auditorium of the New Brunswick Museum at Market Square
President: Chuck Perry
Club Contact: Hank Scarth
[email protected]

Friday, March 2, 1pm
Weekly Wellness Walk
When: Friday, March 2, 2018
Time: 1pm-2:30pm
Where: The Rez, Little River Reservoir, Loch Lomond Road
Description: We will meet at the parking lot Friday, March 2nd for a 1 P.M. departure to go clockwise around the trail. Friday’s forecast is sunny and plus 4 with a north breeze so dress in layers as usual. There will probably still be some ice in shaded areas so bring along your ice creepers just in case.

Monday, March 12, 7pm
Monthly Meeting
When: Monday, March 12
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: Mary Oland Theatre, NB Museum, Market Square, Saint John
Description: Guest speaker – Ralph Eldridge, light keeper on Machias Seal Island, avid birder and photographer. Ralph will speak on the migratory aspect of Machias Seal Island birds, touching on both the species which stay on the Island and those that only stop briefly. All welcome!

Salisbury Naturalists
Meetings: 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Salisbury Village Office, Douglas Street
President: Lois Budd
Club Contact: Connie Colpitts