Classroom and Group Programs

//Classroom and Group Programs

Nature NB offers a variety of fun and interactive bilingual programs that are current and curriculum-connected. Each program is around 1 hour long and can also be adapted to fit most grade levels! Depending on the topic and season, we can deliver programs inside or outside.


Review our programs below to
discover which program would be the best fit for your group or classroom. If you are looking for something unique that is not listed below, let us know and we may be able to create a new nature presentation just for you!

For more detailed descriptions of the individual programs and the associated curriculum connections please email [email protected], or call (506) 459-4209!

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Our plant programs cover everything from botany basics to forest ecosystems.  Students will develop the skills required to identify the unique features of plants and go on adventures in the forest to learn more about the plants and animals living in it.

Our mammal programs will help students develop an understanding and appreciation for the many wonderful mammals living in New Brunswick. Students step into the shoes of a detective to solve a forest mystery by examining tracks and scat and take flight and learn more about the importance of bats in our ecosystems.

Our programs on insects, amphibians, and reptiles in New Brunswick will teach students how these small animals have a mighty role to play in our world. Students will use their imaginations to become butterflies on a migration route, learn to identify insects, and go on an outdoor adventure to discover the abundance of life present in a wetland.

Our bird programs will turn your students into junior bird watchers and environmental stewards. Through our hands-on activities students will learn everything from the life cycle of birds to bird adaptations to the correct way to dissect an owl pellet. Students will also learn about the endangered Piping Plover and why taking care of their habitats is so important.

Our ecology programs cover a wide range of topics including food webs, migration, habitats, species at risk, and astronomy. Students will learn how animals interact with each other in nature, the importance of habitats and adaptations to survival, and the needs and challenges associated with migration. Students can also learn how to be environmental stewards by exploring the importance of every species in an ecosystem or soar into space to learn about how objects in our solar system affect and influence our daily lives.

Learn how to make scientific observations and use scientific tools in order to observe and analyze the natural world around you! Request a Junior Citizen Science Program, here!

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This program is funded by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund.

Supported by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund